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A Drunk Guy Was Busted for Giving a Cop a Double Wet Willy
Around 2:20 in the morning on Saturday, a cop was standing on the street, talking to a bus driver near a bar in Mankato, Minnesota. (About 80 miles southwest of Minneapolis.) And the bar had just closed, so drunk people were pouring out of it,...
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This Smartphone App Will Do Algebra For You!
I can only ask ... where the heck this was when I was in high school?!?! This new app lets you point your camera at a math problem, and then it solves it! It will even give you step by step how it's done! PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo.
Two Guys Pull Guns and Start Shooting . . . After They Lose at Beer Pong
Not everyone's a gracious loser. But here are two guys who might go down as the worst losers EVER. Late Saturday night, 24-year-old Decoris Rucker and his friend Chris Hackett were playing beer pong at a house party in Ames, Texas. (About 45...
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San Francisco Radio Stations Are Banning Lorde's "Royals" Until the World Series
Some San Francisco radio stations have issued a temporary ban on LORDE's "Royals" . . . and it's not because EVERYONE could use a break from that song. It's because the San Francisco Giants are playing the Kansas City Royals in the World...
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What's happening in Lubbock

The Lubbock Arts Alliance and Mix 100 want you to know what's going on around the Lubbock Cultural District. Events, Live Music, and more.

Play It Again Sports Rangers Schedule

Check out the Texas Rangers schedule here courtesy of Play it Again Sports:

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