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Remember the Guy Looking For a Girl With the Same Name As His Ex? He Found a Mat
There was a story last month about a 28-year-old guy in Toronto named Jordan Axani who got DUMPED by his girlfriend . . . right after he'd booked them plane tickets for a trip around the world. Jordan didn't want the tickets to go to waste,...
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Backstreet's Back, ALRIGHT! ...With A New Movie!
Guess what Backstreet Boys fans?!?! The official trailer for the Backstreet Boys Documentary is here! Its called "Show 'Em What You're Made Of" and it is expected to hit theaters January 30th. If you are interested in their story and what...
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A Restaurant Gives Free Meals to Men Over 300 lbs and Women Under 75 lbs
There's a restaurant that's catering to very, very large men married to very, very tiny women. And no, it's not a restaurant that's secretly looking for couples to star in CBS sitcoms. The Na Huo restaurant in Chongqing, China just...
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The 11 Worst Christmas Gifts Men Can Give
If you're like the stereotypical guy in sitcoms and commercials, you haven't bought any Christmas presents yet. But that might actually be a good thing . . . at least you can hear THIS before you buy anything. A new study had women name the...
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What's happening in Lubbock

The Lubbock Arts Alliance and Mix 100 want you to know what's going on around the Lubbock Cultural District. Events, Live Music, and more.