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A Restaurant Gives Free Meals to Men Over 300 lbs and Women Under 75 lbs
There's a restaurant that's catering to very, very large men married to very, very tiny women. And no, it's not a restaurant that's secretly looking for couples to star in CBS sitcoms. The Na Huo restaurant in Chongqing, China just...
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The 11 Worst Christmas Gifts Men Can Give
If you're like the stereotypical guy in sitcoms and commercials, you haven't bought any Christmas presents yet. But that might actually be a good thing . . . at least you can hear THIS before you buy anything. A new study had women name the...
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A Couple Locked in a Car... Because They Didn't Know They Could Unlock It Manual
68-year-old Brian Smith of New Zealand and his 65-year-old wife Mollieanne recently bought a new Mazda 3 with keyless entry, where you use the keychain remote to unlock the car. And last month, they were sitting inside the car in their garage when...
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A Couple Busted Because of a Mistake on Their Forged Deed
24-year-old Justin Dean and his 23-year-old wife Jenna are not millionaires. We're not even sure they're thousandaires, since they run a marginally successful horse grooming company. But for a few months, they got to live like royals. ...
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What's happening in Lubbock

The Lubbock Arts Alliance and Mix 100 want you to know what's going on around the Lubbock Cultural District. Events, Live Music, and more.