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A Prisoner Called the Cops to Ask If They Forgot About His Drug Charges
21-year-old Craig Dutton of Staffordshire, England was busted back in December for stealing a BMW, getting into a police chase, and getting busted with 16 grams of CRACK when they caught him. He ended up getting sentenced to 18 months in prison for...
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Six Signs You're the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Ladies, if you've been having trouble getting over a breakup, here are six signs YOU'VE become the 'crazy ex-girlfriend' that guys talk about . . . 1. You think about him all the time. When you first break up, it's one thing. ...
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A College Has Banned Students From Taking Selfies at Graduation
Thousands of kids are about to sit through graduation ceremonies, and hear how they'll be world leaders someday. But until that day . . . we can't trust them to go 15 minutes without taking a SELFIE. Bryant University in Rhode Island just...
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Ariana Grande Teases New Single "Problem"
Ariana Grande has teased her brand new single featuring Iggy Azalea, "Problem." The singer shared a short preview of the song on her Instagram account. The rest of the new single will be unveiled on April 27th.

Simply Charmed Style of the Week

Check out all the great styles at Simply Charmed.

Big Al Hanging Out With Paxton

Big Al Mack from Kidd Kraddick In The Morning dropped by to hang out with Paxton during the Interactive Online Lunch on Mix 100! Listen now!

Love Letters To Kellie

Troubles at home?  Relationship on the rocks? Ask Kellie, the Love Expert!

Rock Paper Scissors

What's happening in Lubbock

The Lubbock Arts Alliance and Mix 100 want you to know what's going on around the Lubbock Cultural District. Events, Live Music, and more.

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