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A Woman Is Using Tinder to Find Guys to Shovel Out Her Car
Women have to deal with a lot of crap on Tinder . . . like so many creepy, aggressive, and disturbing messages from guys they NEVER should've swiped right on. But if men have to deal with THIS, they're getting the worse end of the deal. A...
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An Argument Over a Bag of Doritos Turned Into an Ax Fight
Doritos are delicious . . . I'm not sure if I'd AX MURDER someone over them, but still... delicious. Two guys in Darwin, Australia were hanging around outside a post office on Sunday afternoon... because, you know, where ELSE would you want...
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Couple Married 60 Years Buried Holding Hands
This couple was married for 65 years, from teenage sweethearts to the end of their lives. When they both passed, they were buried in a special casket built for two! Make sure you take the time to try and hold hands with your other half to channel...
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A Guy Is Busted Driving in the Carpool Lane With a Dummy Made of Wood Sticks
James Campbell of Dix Hills, New York got a new job a few months ago. He had a long commute, and he wanted to take the carpool lane . . . but he didn't have anyone to carpool with. So James did what any of us would do in that situation: Arts...
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